WTP 200  Premium Salt Spray Chamber



PSS 200 - Programmable Salt Spray Chamber


Product Description

These chambers are manufactured and designed to meet the high quality requirements and standards, such as ISO, JIS, DIN, ASTM, IEC, GB and SAE. They are used to test the resistance capabilities of materials eroded by brine,these materials may be used in Electrical Appliances, Electrical Wire, Accessories, Luminaires etc.

Programmed tests available to perform the intermittent salt spray(fog) test.


  • Programmed tests available to perform the intermittent salt spray(fog) test.
  • All key parts are supplied from Germany, Japan and Taiwan. High quality parts are essential components of excellent testing chambers.
  • All chambers are constructed with PVC and can function perfectly in an acidic and alkaline environments without aging.
  • All chambers are capable of performing both Brine and Cupric Acetate tests.
  • Patent atomizing nozzle and coniform diffuse devices help to make fog more symmetrical.
  • Provide external condensate collection devices.
  • Test period can be preset from 0.01s to 9999h.
  • Water can be placed into bubble tower automatically or manually.
  • Double over-heating protection systems protect the security of both machine and operator.
  • Temperature controller from Omron(Japan) makes temperature precision reach ±0.1° C.
  • They can demist automatically to make viewing more convenient after testing.
  • The temperature in the chamber can rise quickly. Accelerated by a titanium alloy heater supplied from Taiwan.
  • Cover is made from acrylic with 5 mm thickness supplied from Germany.
  • They provide Lucite rods and shelves to hang or support specimens within the test chamber.
Technical Parameters
Internal dimensions (WxDxH) 80″ x 48″ x 24″
External dimensions (WxDxH) 116″ x 60″ x 62″
Test chamber volume 1440L (50.8 cu ft)
Solution reservoir volume*1 40L (1.4 cu ft)
Removable slotted sample rods 16 rods (12 shelves)
Atomizing nozzle 2 pc
Cover Lifter Available
Unattended operating hours 168 hours
Bubble tower volume 4L (0.14 cu ft)
Construction PVC
Color Gray
Temperature range
PVC construction
Up to +60° C (Test chamber)
Up to +70° C (Bubble tower)
Salt fog collection rates Adjustable from 1.0 to 2.0 ml per 80 cm² per hour
Spray pressure 0.8~2.0kgf/cm² (powered by compressed air)
Power supply 3 phase (voltage and frequency dependent on country/region of installation)
Exhaust Exhaust pipe should be installed outside building
Drain Drain pipe should be installed into floor level drain

*1 Additional salt solution reservoir is available as option.


  • ISO 9227
  • JIS Z 2371
  • DIN 50021
  • ASTM B 117, ASTM B 368, ASTM D 1735, ASTM D 5894, ASTM G 85
  • IEC 60068-2-52 Part 2
  • SAE J2334