WTC 120  Cyclic Corrosion Test Chamber


Cyclic Corrosion Test Chamber


Product Description

These chambers are capable of creating four separate and distinct environments: Salt spray, Air drying, Controlled humidity and Ambient conditions.

Any combination of different environments may be programmed to occur sequentially in any order, to form a corrosion cycle which will then be performed automatically or repeated a pre-set number of times. Each environment can also be selected individually.


  • Programmed tests are available to perform cyclic corrosion test, total 120 Sets and 1200 Steps.
  • High quality LCD temperature and humidity controller.
  • Touch-screen control panel for ease of programming, with graphical display of temperature and humidity profiles.
  • Testing period for each step can be pre-set from 0 to 999h.* Cycles are able to be pre-set from 0 to 999 times.
  • All key parts are supplied from Germany, Japan and Taiwan. High quality parts are essential components of excellent testing chambers.
  • All chambers are constructed with PVC and can function perfectly in an acidic and alkaline environment without aging.
  • Patent atomizing nozzle and coniform diffuse devices help to make fog more symmetrical.
  • Double over-heating protection systems protect the security of both machine and operator.
  • Temperature controller from Omron(Japan) makes temperature precision reach ±0.1° C.
  • They can demist automatically to make viewing more convenient after testing.
  • Option: RS232 interface.
Technical Parameters
Internal dimensions (WxDxH) 48″ x 32″ x 20″
4×2.6×1.6 ft
External dimensions (WxDxH) 76″ x 52″ x 56″
6.2×4.3×4.6 ft
Test chamber volume 480L(17 cu ft)
Atomizing nozzle 2 pc
Solution reservoir volume*1 40L(1.4 cu ft)
Unattended operating hours 72 h
Cover lifter Available
Programmed setting Available
Bubble tower volume 4L(0.14 cu ft)
Construction PVC
Salt spray test Test chamber temperature
Bubble tower temperature
Up to +60° C
Up to +70° C
NSS, AASS, CASS are available
Air drying Test chamber temperature
Test chamber humidity
Up to +70° C
Less than 50% RH
Controlled humidity Test chamber temperature
Test chamber humidity
Ambient to +60° C
60% ~ 98% RH adjustable
Ambient conditions Test chamber temperature
Test chamber humidity
23° C ± 2° C
45% ~ 55% RH
Salt fog collection rates Adjustable from 1.0 to 2.0 ml per 80 cm2 per hour
Spray pressure 0.8~2.0kgf/cm2 (powered by compressed air)
Power supply 1 phase
Power source dependant on country/region of installation
Exhaust Exhaust pipe should be installed outside building
Drain Drain pipe should be installed into floor level drain

*1 Additional salt solution reservoir is available as option.


Neutral Salt Spray (NSS) Test
Acetic Acid Salt Spray (AASS) Test
Copper-Accelerated Acetic Acid-Salt Spray (CASS) Test
Cyclic Tests
Water Fog Test


ISO 9227
JIS Z 2371
DIN 50021
ASTM B 117, ASTM B 368, ASTM D 1735, ASTM D 5894, ASTM G 85
IEC 60068-2-52 Part 2
SAE J2334